Non-Profits Use Barter to Acquire Services and Keep Admin Costs Down

Pictured is from The Barter Company's 2019 Annual Golf Tournament benefitting The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation 


Increased demand for services. Fewer volunteers. Decreased donations. Higher expenses. These daunting changes are just a few of the challenges that non-profit organizations face because of the pandemic. In addition to working extra hard to maintain their financial stability this year, non-profits regularly need goods and services to help them serve clients. Barter offers a great way for organizations to pay for administrative costs instead of having to spend cash that is often in short supply.

Administrative costs for nonprofits can include rent, legal advice, tax services, payroll, marketing, promotional items, advertising, storage, and cleaning services. Many companies offer these kinds of services on The Barter Company barter exchange.

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation – SE Region is one nonprofit that uses barter to keep its costs low. The group serves children and teens battling brain tumors by investing in the most promising research and providing practical, informational, and emotional support to families.
“Every penny we receive in donations is vital to the work we do,” said PBTF Regional Director Tammy Bates. “Barter allows us to use the money we raise to directly help these kids and their families instead of for administrative expenses.”

The Barter Company supports other nonprofits as well. Last year, The Barter Company helped provide more than 175 meals for public safety families in Cobb County, Georgia as part of the Blue Thanksgiving community outreach program. It also regularly provides much-needed supplies to local schools and churches throughout the Metro Atlanta area.

The Barter Company has established itself as the leading force in the barter industry throughout the Southeast. It provides businesses and nonprofits with an alternative currency network by using barter dollars instead of cash to handle transactions. Explore the rules of bartering and how barter works to determine how your nonprofit can use barter to pay for key expenses and keep donations focused on advancing your mission.
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