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TBC is a commissioned sales force for your company. We bring you new business through the exchange and earn our commission on that business through transaction fees. In addition, when we bring you new business, you generate Trade Dollars that you can use to offset cash expenses.

Membership Charges
The standard enrollment fee for TBC is a one-time charge of $395.00. The enrollment fee is not billed at this time. You will not be charged until your account membership has been fully approved.

If you have been presented a special promotional offer, please be sure to enter it in the "referral code" field at the bottom of the enrollment form.
Fees and Commissions
7.5% on sales
7.5% on all purchases

$15.00 cash and $15.00 trade

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All members of TBC are required to have a credit card on file for the payment of service fees and transaction commissions. We will not bill your enrollment fee - or any fees - at this time, until your account has been reviewed and activated for membership.

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NOTE: Please review the standard fee plan disclosure above for more information.

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Enrollment in TBC requires acceptance of our Terms and Conditions and the fees and commissions as disclosed above.



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