Get to Know Your Customers and Their Needs

Did you know that January 16 was “Get to Know Your Customers Day,” at least in the world of social media? While special social media days may seem to be randomly created, the emphasis on knowing your customers is good one. When was the last time you checked in with yours?

At The Barter Company, we survey clients every year through email and focus groups. We always receive helpful feedback that we use to guide our business strategy. We share with customers what we learned and how we will use it. There are many ways to connect with your customers. Consider these options to get to know your customers more and understand their ever-changing needs.

Regular emails provide a consistent touchpoint. Set a schedule to reach out to customers to share what your organization is doing. The emails can be a simple hello note from your company’s top leadership or an e-newsletter. Regardless of the format, make it easy for customers to know how to reach you with questions and feedback.

Surveys offer anonymous feedback options. In our annual survey, The Barter Company asks customers what we are doing well and what we could do to improve. Through the years, we have discovered new business opportunities and connection points from this feedback. In fact, customer suggestions led to a recent update of our mobile app.

Social media polls are an easy way to find out what matters about a particular topic. Are you considering changing a product feature or launching something new? Use the polling features on your social media channels to collect quick feedback that can help guide your decisions.

At The Barter Company, we know the power of connecting with clients. We host meetups and client mixers throughout the year where customers can talk with our sales representatives about their business needs - and get to know other clients with whom they might be able to do business.

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